Dental Finance

dental finance

Dental Finance options

At Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants, we are in the business of creating beautiful healthy smiles. We understand that dental treatments may be required at unexpected times, or incur higher fees than what might be anticipated, so to ensure our patients have access to our premium quality service and treatments, we have a range of flexible finance options available.


Smile Right payment plans

SDAI has partnered with Smile Right to provide patients affordable and competitive financing options, specifically tailored to your unique dental needs allowing treatments to completed sooner with less hassle. Smile right offers payment plans that have no interest, no fees and no charges. (please see their website for terms and conditions)

Smile Right logoSmile Right can provide a suitable and flexible dental finance options for whatever treatment you might require.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our friendly team today.


Use Your Superannuation to Pay for Dental Treatment

It is now possible to apply for the early compassionate release of your Superannuation to pay for certain dental treatment. Depending on the superannuation fund you are with, you are allowed access to a lump sum to pay out-of-pocket expenses for dental treatment for yourself or your dependents.

Instead of waiting until you are 65 years old or over, you may be able to access your funds today.

How does compassionate release of Superannuation work?

The early access to superannuation funds has been designed to allow you to receive essential dental treatment that is paid for by funds that belong to you. However, you should note that you need to meet select criteria to apply for the early release of funds.

Our team can also discuss this option with you if it is of interest.


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