CEREC Porcelain Veneers and Restorations

Porcelain Veneers are available with our CEREC® teeth milling system. Our in house CEREC machine, can treat damaged or broken teeth with a minimal time commitment and also assist in amalgam removal and replacement.

In the past, restorations and crowns were a long, painful process many avoided due to the cost and time wastage caused by multiple visits to the dentist. Today everything can be done within a long lunch break, with less injections and drillings, added bonus of getting high strength, tooth reinforcing porcelain that also matches the colour, function, and strength of your natural teeth.

How long does it take?

We image, design and mill the porcelain in house, and within one to one and half hours it’s done. This allows you custom restorations in one short visit instead of the old, gruelling process of having to make an impression, place a temporary crown, and bring you back for another fitting once the permanent crown is shipped back to the dentist.

When are Cerec porcelain restorations used?

Whenever you need a new crown or porcelain veneer, to replace an old filling, or fix a broken or cracked tooth

What are Cerec restorations made of?

At Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants, we have several tooth-reinforcing materials to choose from depending on the clinical situation, quality and quantity of remaining tooth structure and of course aesthetic demand. From a holistic viewpoint, we only use the most current rigorously tested biocompatible materials available.The porcelain we use in the Cerec process is favoured by top tier labs and leaders in the profession, due to its high quality, superior strength and because it is one of the most authentic, tooth-like restorations available to date. Also, Cerec restorations won’t expand and contract like composite or amalgam fillings, which can be prone to shrinkage or expansion in the mouth, a process that can result in gaps or leakage around the fillings, sensitivity, fractures or breakage of the teeth, and possibly even recurrent decay.

Can I replace my old fillings with Cerec?

Cerec is commonly used during amalgam removal procedures or to fix and replace damaged, decayed and failed fillings.

Can I eat normally with these porcelain veneers and restorations?

These perform identically to your real teeth so you can eat and drink cold or hot foods as you normally would.

Will the restorations match my normal teeth?

We stock a range of porcelain blocks in various shades to get as close to your tooth colour as possible but we can also stain and glaze the final restoration to add individualized characteristics and colours to ensure the closest match possible.

To find out more about Cerec porcelain veneers and restorations please call us at (02) 9233 3301 or use our contact page to reach us online.

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