Root Canal Therapy

Today at Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants those old fears about getting a root canal can be laid to rest. Our holistic dentistry approach led us to explore the latest procedures, most biocompatible materials and cutting-edge technologies so that we can do all possible to minimize the time required for your root canal therapy, reduce bacteria in the mouth, and treat you with less pain.

Some of the ways we’ve found to make your root canals more successful and enjoyable include:

Laser Root Canal Treatments

Laser light penetrates deeper than previous methods, removing bacteria while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged. And where traditional tools would only clean out the tooth’s root, the laser can further sterilise it, which increases your chances of a successful procedure.

With a cutting edge, holistic dentistry laser root canal treatment you’ll have:

  • The reduced possibility of side effects from the procedure
  • A visit with minimal or no local anaesthesia
  • Less of the inflammation, swelling and discomfort often felt as the anaesthesia wears off

To inquire about how we can ease the pain and time required of your root canal please contact us here or call our clinic (02) 9233 3301 to schedule a consultation.

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