Full Arch Teeth Implants

Previously if you lost a row or grouping of teeth or needed full teeth replacement for whatever reasons your only option was removable dentures. Unfortunately, the look is unnatural and the normal activities of your mouth are all diminished.

Today at Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants we can offer full arch dental implants in Sydney as an alternative to conventional dentures. As the biocompatible titanium replacement roots bond naturally over time with your natural jawbone, they offer you the most stable, natural solution to your missing teeth.

Full Arch Implants Full Arch Implants

Full Arch Implants Full Arch Implants

Teeth implants provide a number of advantages over orthodox dentures that include:

Enjoy Food Again

People fitted with normal dentures will eat at about 20% of their normal efficiency. With properly fitted full arch replacements you can eat a wider range of food as you normally would. Full arch implants leave the gums free and don’t cover up your palate, freeing you to taste and eat food as you normally would.

Improved Looks

Improved Looks

When you have missing teeth there is a continual shrinkage that takes place in your jawbone that results in a face that looks much older than it should. With a full arch replacement your mouth and face will look younger without the need for a facelift.

More Comfort

Full arch dental implants won’t slip, move around or fall out like traditional dentures and will eliminate the pain of exposed ulcers, the hassle of food trapping under the denture and the discomfort of wearing removable dentures.

Improved Speech

Dentures won’t seat as securely in the mouth as dental implants, so they slide around in the mouth. This results in strained facial muscles that are tired from holding the replacement teeth in. With a full arch replacement you can speak naturally and free from slurs, mumbling or unwanted clicking.

Our full arch dental implants help you move on from the many embarrassing inconveniences removable partial and full dentures add to your life. You can be free from the use of messy denture adhesives and the need for constant maintenance. Full arch dental implants allow you the confidence to laugh or smile free from the fear that teeth will pop out or fall down.

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