Stick to the basics of oral health and you’ll be fine

Family brushing teeth

We all wish we had amazing teeth, and it’s hard not to think we should when everyone we see on TV, in movies, on billboards, and in magazines all have perfectly straight, white, beautiful teeth.

But in reality, those people have had a dental health expert work on their teeth. Movie stars, news anchors, stock models… they’ve all had treatment to help make their whiter, fill cavities, and straighten out any little imperfections.

The truth is, by regularly performing the basics of oral health, your teeth will be good (if not perfect), by simply sticking to these basics.

Brush at least twice a day

We’ve been told since we were kids to brush our teeth both in the morning and at night, so this shouldn’t be news to you.

Brushing your teeth helps fight the plaque that builds up, preventing it from gaining a foothold and turning into tartar (dental calculus).

The more plaque you have, the more damage it does to your enamel, and the more likely you’ll need fillings.

Brushing your teeth in the morning is the best way to get rid of “morning breath”. During the night your body goes into a type of mini-hibernation, resulting in your saliva production decreasing. This allows the bacteria in your mouth to grow and multiply more than they would during the day, resulting in the morning dry mouth we all recognise.

Brushing at night is important because of all the food you’ve eaten during the day. There’s a lot of food debris, sugars, and bacteria in there just waiting to start munching away on your enamel, so brushing before bedtime is essential for good oral health.

Flossing also really makes a big difference, as it reaches in between your teeth in ways that a toothbrush can’t. Just as you brush your teeth every day, flossing should also be part of your daily routine.

Toothbrush or electric

The right tool for the right job

We’ve talked before about the different types of toothbrushes available and the pros and cons of each, but choosing the right brush for you is important.

Toothbrush bristles come in different hardness levels; soft, medium, and hard. We recommend soft as they are not as harsh on your enamel as the tougher ones. Soft toothbrushes are also easier on gums and help avoid gum recession.

Switching to an electric toothbrush is more down to a personal choice, as both normal and electric have their advantages and disadvantages.

When used properly, electric toothbrushes do just as good a job of cleaning your teeth (if not better) than traditional toothbrushes, but some people prefer the tactile feeling of cleaning their teeth with a regular toothbrush.

Either way, the best toothbrush is the one that makes you brush your teeth!

A healthy lifestyle

Again, this is a basic rule for life in general and not just your oral health; look after yourself.

It isn’t going to matter how often you brush your teeth if you smoke, as throat, mouth and tongue cancers are very real possibilities.

Eating healthy instead of sugary foods is good advice for everyone, but your teeth will thank you the most.

Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks between meals is also important, as well as regular exercise.

Regular check-ups with your dentist

And of course, regular check-ups by your dentist are a big part of the basics of oral health.

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, avoid sugary foods, and exercise daily, putting off going for a check-up is the worst thing you can do for your oral health.

Plaque will build up over time, so your teeth need a proper clean and polish, and only a visit to a dentist can do that.

Remember, prevention is better than cure, so regular visits to your dentist will help to keep on top of things, allowing small issues to be dealt with early, before they grow into bigger problems.

Basics of oral health

Avoid serious dental problems

By sticking to the basics of oral health, you give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding cavities or other serious dental problems.

A maintenance programme to have a check-up every 6 months is advised, so come along and see us in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

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From the moment you walk in the door, through to any follow-up appointments, our aim is to make you feel relaxed and calm.

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