Got dental phobia? How SDAI can help

It can be known as dental fear, dental anxiety, dentist phobia, odontophobia, or dentophobia. They all mean the same thing: an intense fear of visiting the dentist for dental care and it can affect people of any age.

If you suffer from dental phobia you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, millions of people around the world are in some way anxious or afraid about visiting the dentist and undergoing dental treatment.

Signs and symptoms of dental phobia and dental anxiety

People with dental anxiety may experience:

  • sweating
  • racing heartbeat (tachycardia) or palpitations
  • low blood pressure and possible fainting (syncope)
  • visible distress, crying or signs of panic
  • withdrawal, or using humour or aggression to mask anxiety
  • routinely missing dental appointments and avoiding dental treatment

How dental anxiety or phobia can affect your oral health

Avoiding the dentist can result in the worsening of dental disease, a greater need for emergency care or more complex treatment. It can also feed the underlying problem of dental anxiety. This is known as the ‘vicious cycle of dental anxiety’.

At Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) the genuinely caring, highly experienced and gentle team will do all in their power to ensure that your experience is pain free, comfortable and calm.

Got dental phobia? How SDAI can help:

Professional team you can trust

The moment you enter the practice you will feel the difference at SDAI. From the warm smiles on arrival to the plethora of awards and certificates highlighting the enormous credibility of Practice Principals Dr Dean Licenblat, dental implant leader and innovator and Dr Melissa Licenblat the esteemed professional expert seditionist, these guys are the cream of the crop and have your back.

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Personalised boutique service

A commitment to providing personalised service for each and every patient is at the cornerstone for SDAI. If you prefer a personalised boutique service by a highly awarded practice for your dental health, SDAI is the preferred choice.

Premium dental treatment

The depth of onsite technology and range of services ensures patients can be treated in the SDAI rooms and will not need to be referred out or arrange travel and additional appointments for more complex dental treatment.

Sleep dentistry

Otherwise known as IV Sedation or twilight sedation, sleep dentistry refers to the use of pharmacological agents administered intravenously to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental appointment. Our onsite qualified sedation expert, Dr Melissa Licenblat is able to provide sleep dentistry services to significantly comfort patients and enable treatment to be performed in a single session, saving time and money.

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Giving you the time you need

The last thing you want to feel is rushed if you are feeling anxious, the team at SDAI understand and appreciate this. As part of their “Boutique Service” each patient is allocated over an hour for the initial consultation so both patient and dentist have an opportunity to discuss the case, risks and the best recommended course of action. Whether you decide to go ahead with treatment or not, you will leave the consultation with a clear understanding of your current situation and the options available allowing for plenty of time to discuss any specific queries or concerns.

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Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants strive to provide dental care that is innovative, comprehensive & comfortable in a safe and caring environment. Your comfort is the top priority and making you feel at ease and calm is their commitment.

So, if you are a dental phobic, don’t despair SDAI is here to help you and keep you smiling.

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