Dr Dean Licenblat – the first and most experienced practitioner in Asia Pacific in metal free zirconia implants

Dr Dean Licenblat

Dr Dean Licenblat of SDAI continues to lead the way in metal free zirconia implants

Zirconia implants are at the cutting edge of modern dental implantology and Dr Dean Licenblat Sydney Dental Aesthetics & Implants (SDAI) in Martin Place, Sydney CBD is the first dental practitioner to commence placing metal free implants in Australia and has been doing so since 2014. Dr Dean Licenblat has placed over 500 zirconia implant and is highly trusted by his patients and by his dentists’ peers and is well known as the preferred dental practitioner leading the field in metal free implants across Australia and NZ.

A patient who has a metal allergy or opts for a completely metal-free solution can replace missing or lost teeth without trauma to adjacent teeth implants with zirconia Implants. Metal free Zirconia implants are biocompatible, resist corrosion, have a low plaque affinity and do not cause greying of the gums.

Asia Pacific leader in zirconia implants

Why more patients and dentists choose Dr Dean Licenblat and SDAI for zirconia implants:

  • first dental practitioner and dental practice in Australia to place Zirconia implants
  • highly qualified having undertaken a Master’s degree at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany and is now a lecturer and mentor.
  • placed over 500 zirconia implants
  • performs zirconia implant surgery at SDAI on a daily basis
  • he teaches the technique to dentists all around the world
  • head lecturer and founder of Australasian Implant Academy (AIA)
  • has written one of the only clinical trial articles to be published on zirconia implants

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Dr Licenblat is a respected leader in his field, having undertaken a Master’s degree at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany and he is now a lecturer and mentor. He performs implant surgery daily and teaches the technique to other dentists. Dr Licenblat is currently the head lecturer for the Australasian Implant Academy (AIA) and a Founder of the Australian chapter of the prestigious and well- respected California Implant Institute.  AIA provides dentists with the opportunity to sharpen their skills in implantology through hands on courses with live patients.

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Dentistry and implant dentistry will continue to evolve and change over the years and it is important that dentists keep learning and expanding their techniques and procedures. It is now more important than ever to choose the right dentist who is the most experienced and qualified to ensure your procedure results in the most optimal outcome.

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