Is it time to get your wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney Sleep Dentistry

Knowing if it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed varies for each person. There is no specific timing or guideline for when they should be removed but you will have symptoms when they are coming through.

Signs and symptoms can show differently, and a dentist can assess the health of the wisdom teeth and the effect they are having on surrounding teeth and gums.

You will notice pain around your jaw, and the surrounding teeth, which may feel like an ache of pressure or dull throb at the back of your mouth. You may also notice difficulty chewing food and notice swelling in that area. It is important to make an appointment at the first sign of discomfort.

Wisdom teeth often don’t have room to grow properly, and this is when they cause problems. There are three ways in which wisdom teeth can start creating problems:

  • They are hidden beneath the gums and are trapped unable to emerge.
    • This is when they can become impacted, get infected, or cause a cyst.
  • They only emerge partially through the gums.
    • Often, they are difficult to clean and are prone to infection and gum disease.
  • Grow off course and sideways crowding nearby teeth.
    • This can create swelling, and damage to other teeth and the gums surrounding them.

If not treated, these conditions can lead to greater issues like nerve involvement or associated pathology like cysts which require specialist treatment.

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Wisdom teeth removal is no longer the painful dreaded experience it once was. Recovery typically lasts a few days and our specialist Dr Melissa Licenblat is our in-house dental sedationist here to help you overcome fear and anxiety with your dental treatment.

What if you could sleep through your entire wisdom teeth removal dental treatment and not experience any pain, well guess what you can at Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) with sleep dentistry!

Dr Melissa Licenblat is a Principal Dentist of SDAI and practising Sedationist who delivers high-quality anesthetic treatment inhouse at the SDAI practice in Martin Place. Dr Mel’s warm, gentle and nurturing manner combined with her extensive expertise and skill gives her patients the peace of mind they seek and deserve.

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