Why people are choosing dental implants over dentures

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Sharks are lucky. The have teeth “conveyor belts” in their mouths, and when they lose a tooth, another one simply moves forward to replace it, usually within a day.

Humans on the other hand, aren’t quite so fortunate.

We get two sets of teeth in our life, and the first ones usually fall out by the time we hit adolescence.

If we don’t look after our second set, or if we’re unlucky enough to have them knocked out for whatever reason, then that’s it, no more teeth.

It feels like we got the short end of the stick compared to our shark friends, but it’s not the end of the world. There’s always another option.

Dental implants, dentures, false teeth… whatever you want to call them, artificial teeth are a great way to replace our lost pearly whites.

They can give us back our smile, help us to eat normal food again, and boost our self-confidence.

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What are Dental Implants?

Broken down into the simplest explanation, dental implants are artificial teeth that screw into your jaw. They look just like real teeth, and are also made to feel like real teeth, so they will function naturally. If properly looked after, dental implants should last a lifetime.

There are two parts to a dental implant; the fixture and the abutment.

The fixture is the piece that gets screwed into your jaw bone, and the abutment is the tooth that goes on top.

Traditionally, these two parts were made from titanium, but with recent developments in modern technology, both parts of a dental implant can be fashioned from high-strength ceramic zirconia.

This allows teeth to be replaced without bringing metal into the equation.

How are dentures different?

Dentures are better known as ‘false teeth’. While they are also a way to replace missing teeth, they are a prosthetic solution and can be removed at any time.

Made of acrylic plastic, they are usually held in place with dental adhesive to prevent slippage and movement.

Dentures are more of a temporary solution, as they tend to loosen over time and need to be replaced or refitted.

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Advantages of dental implants over dentures

It may not seem like there’s much of a difference, but dental implants have significant advantages over dentures.

Dental implants are for life

Once the procedure is over, dental implants are good to go. They are a life-long solution, and, as long as you look after them, there shouldn’t be any problems for follow up treatment. Dentures on the other hand, are affected by normal wear and tear. They need to be relined, remade, or rebased and tend to loosen as they age.

Preserve your face’s shape

When you have missing teeth, there is a continuous shrinkage in your jawbone that takes place, resulting in premature ageing in your face. Dental implants preserve facial contours by stimulating and preserving existing bone, helping your face stay more natural looking, as if you had your original teeth.

Enjoy the food you love

Dentures are notorious for curbing your options with food. In fact, it is estimated that people with dentures can only eat around 20% of what they would normally eat. Dental implants don’t have that problem. They leave the gums free and don’t cover up your palate, freeing you to taste and eat food as you normally would.

Safer and healthier

With dentures, there’s the threat of food becoming trapped under the prosthetic. This can lead to discomfort or worse. And because dentures constantly move around, this can add extra stress onto your gums and jaw, affecting your speech and increasing the risk of painful ulcers.

Stronger and longer

One of the most important aspects of dental implants is the long-term success rate. Ceramic zirconia implants are designed and manufactured to be lightweight, incredibly strong, resist bending and to withstand chewing, thus maintaining their long-term strength.

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How we can help

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