Full Face Orthodontics


Full-face orthodontics aims to make your mouth, jaw, muscles and related structures work together in harmony, without removing your natural teeth. Full-face orthodontic appliances include expansion devices that widen narrow jaws and devices that move bone, strengthen the jaw muscles, and guide growth.

With a talented team who loves what they do and makes sure that patients receive the best care possible. From the moment you book your appointment to your follow-up visits, expect warm, friendly attention in a comfortable environment. We use the newest, most advanced and effective orthodontic techniques to achieve lasting, beautiful smiles for our patients.

Orthodontics is a specialty science and a field that is in many ways is unique to healthcare. It is a science that requires specialty training but also requires a certain level of creativity in achieving excellent results.

Why Choose Full Face Orthodontics?

Straight teeth help an individual effectively bite, chew and speak. Straight teeth contribute to healthy teeth and gums. Properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems. Teeth that work better also tend to look better. An attractive smile is a pleasant “side-effect” of orthodontic treatment.

It is our purpose and intent to offer our patients:

• Modern Technology
• State of the Art Treatment Plans
• Professionalism and Attention to Detail
• Trusted Results
• Superior Quality & Treatment

Our Practice Offers:

• Rapid Smiles
• Invisalign
• Clear Cosmetic Braces
• Non-Extraction Treatment
• Early Treatment

At Sydney Dental Aesthetics and implants we believe it is never to early nor too late to have that perfect smile you have always wanted…

With a range of solutions and procedures available to our patients including non-extraction orthodontics and early intervention orthopaedics we are confident that our experienced staff can help you achieve the results you have always desired. So whether you are young or young at heart, allow our staff to assess and advise you on the best course of action.

Non-Extraction Orthodontics

A beautiful smile begins with a healthy mouth…here at SDAI our goal is natural, safe and long lasting results. This is achieved by maintaining as many natural teeth as possible. Whereas other procedures seek to extract teeth when there are signs of overcrowding actually causing crooked teeth (malocclusion,) our knowledgeable and qualified staff will typically recommend arch expansion instead of extraction.

Arch expansion is a gradual procedure, which seeks to expand the jaw so that your teeth have room to move and align properly if they are overcrowded. These results are achieved through a device the patient wears overtime. Avoiding extraction also ensures our patient’s a minimally invasive and painless procedure.

Early Intervention Orthopaedics

Early intervention not only helps our staff ensure your child’s smile develops more beautifully and naturally, it can also help parents save on expensive procedures in the future.

Our dental professionals will monitor the development of your child’s smile, bite and facial profile to ensure they reach their ideal smile potential and overall health and appearance.

The following problems are the typical signs our staff will monitor and watch for as we evaluate your child’s development:

Each condition shown has both a different cause and may require a different set of procedures all of which our experienced doctors can advise you on. Children will typically develop these issues through infancy and if left unchecked can cause more serious problems in the future. Here at SDAI we look at jaw development as the primary benchmark for children and with tools such as Myobrace our staff can easily and painlessly correct these problems early helping to ensure a beautiful healthy smile.

Adult orthodontics

In adults, the problem begins with a crooked smile but can also affect overall mouth health and feeling self-conscious about their smile. SDAI believe it is never too late to regain your confidence and maintain a healthy smile. We offer several treatment options designed to help maintain an active adult lifestyle with maximum benefit. We also offer the transparent and removable orthodontic system – Invisalign for many of our adult patients.

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