8 Things you may not know about dental implants

Human and Implant Tooth Models

If you have missing or broken teeth, dental implants offer an ideal permanent solution.

Dental implants are a highly successful, reliable, and modern way for people to permanently restore natural aesthetics and confidence in the function of their teeth.

In this blog article, we discuss some very interesting facts about dental implants you may not know about:

1. The most successful type of dental treatment

Dental implants are a superior alternative to dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. This is because most of these have a limited shelf life. Crowns and bridges can last for around 10 years, while dentures need to be replaced about every seven years or so. Even if dentures last more than there given shelf life, their working efficiency decreases. Dental implants have no such problems related to them and can last for a lifetime.

2. You won’t get cavities

Dental implants give you a permanent solution to deal with cavities in general. This is primarily because dental implants are made of artificial material which can not decay. However, it is very important to take proper care of your dental implants by carefully following procedures outlined by your dentist that are designed for implants.

3. NASA uses the same material for their rockets

Dental implants are made up of extremely sturdy material. The titanium used for these implants is the same material used for space shuttles made by NASA. Not only does this increase the shelf life of these dental implants, but the implants also become lighter than steel. SDAI in Martin Place are the leaders and innovators in dental implants and also offer patients Zirconia dental implants which are a completely metal free alternative, but which are just as durable and light as titanium.

4. Strengthens your jaw

Unlike other teeth replacements that actually inhibit the bone structure of your jaw, dental implants fuse with the bones in your jaw to make it stronger. Another major benefit of using dental implants is the fact that it spurs bone growth and supports the jawbone structure rather than hinder it.

5. Implants are Incredibly strong

Many people who opt for more traditional methods of missing teeth replacement like dentures find that they still need to be careful about what they eat. This is because dentures are designed to sit on the gum line and are supported by hard and soft tissue. This can make tasks like chewing meat or eating crunchy fruit and vegetables difficult.

Dental implants however are made from highly durable material but more importantly, they have the ability to fuse with bone tissue once implanted into the site. Collectively, this makes for a super-strong platform for your mouth.

6. Dental implants are cost-effective

While the price of a dental implant procedure can be considerably more than that of conventional dentures initially, bridges and dentures will have ongoing associated costs which mount up over time. But perhaps the biggest advantage to any initial dental implant cost is complete peace-of-mind. Dental implants can not only restore a smile but can bring back much of that lost confidence and self-esteem that occurred when teeth were missing, they allow you to live your best life, without restriction and for many this is priceless!

7. Age doesn’t matter

A major benefit of using dental implants as your dental treatment of choice is that they can be used by adults over 21, as long as the patient is healthy there is no upper age limit.

8. Dental implants are long-lasting

Unlike other forms of tooth restoration, a dental implant can last for a long time. Conventional bridges and dentures are wholly dependent upon the health of your teeth and gums surrounding them. Unfortunately, gums and teeth can and will deteriorate over time. As such, traditional restorations like bridges and dentures will need to be changed every 7-10 years.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are self-supporting. In other words, they don’t rely on the health or state of your other teeth. Once anchored into the jaw (and provided they are cared for correctly) they can sit happily in position for many years. So, while the dental implant cost may seem initially high, in reality, you only have to buy them once.

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