How to choose the right Sydney CBD dentist for you


Does the whole concept of going to the dentist make you break out in a sweat?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, in fact over 2 million Aussies are putting off a visit to the dentist.

Are you looking to improve your smile for 2020 and want to take the next step but don’t know where to start?

When it comes to selecting the right dentist and dental practice it is important to choose a dentist who will be able to cater to your personal needs and is able to meet and exceed your expectations.

Perhaps the best place to start is to work out why you have been avoiding the dental chair.

Here are some common reasons for dentist avoidance:

  1. Anxious and worried-about the process, possible pain, possible discomfort
  2. Had a bad experience– some people when they were growing up have unfortunately had an experience with the dentist which was memorable but not in a good way
  3. The pain factor– you are petrified by the thought of pain in any shape or form
  4. Time-you know you need dental treatment and are worried it will take too long and involve too many appointments that you simply don’t have time for
  5. Unsure of best options- you know there have been changes in technology and innovation in dentistry but are not sure what they entail and what options are available
  6. Judgement- you haven’t been to the dentist in such a long time you think the dentist might tell you off
  7. Don’t have anyone to trust- you haven’t been able to build a relationship with a dentist you can trust and are hesitant to try to make a connection

So now you have hopefully worked out your ‘why’ for dentist avoidance, and it may incorporate several of the factors above.

Below we have compiled a list of items to consider when choosing the right dentist for you to hopefully make the process a little easier and less daunting.

Level of personalised care

Like most people you are wanting to ensure that your dental experience caters especially for you and your unique needs. Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants (SDAI) offers a boutique and premium dental experience for patients. If you choose to become a patient and join the SDAI family, you will instantly feel at home. Providing a breath of fresh air to the dental industry, at SDAI Dr Dean with his keen wit and Dr Melissa with her gentle and mothering nature will make you feel immediately at ease and even enjoy your dental visits.

Experience and expertise

Your oral health and overall health is paramount and should be to your dentist which is why choosing a highly credible dentist who has a stellar reputation is vital. It’s a good idea to find out what experience and qualifications your dentist has before jumping in their chair. At SDAI our practitioners have been caring for patients for over 40 years and placing implants for the past 12 years along with teaching and mentoring other dentists worldwide. Dentists have a responsibility to keep learning and expanding their techniques, Dr Dean Licenblat takes this commitment very seriously and is setting the standard in his field.

Comfort and reassurance

If you are anxious or worried about visiting the dentist, you might like to find out if they offer twilight sedation. This enables you to undergo dental treatment in a sleep like state with no pain or stress. Some dental practices including SDAI offer the additional benefit of inhouse sleep dentistry performed by a qualified sedationist so that you can have all treatment done in the chair and don’t have to go elsewhere.

Leaders in the speciality area

It is also important to consider what type of dental treatment you are wishing to undertake, which can then help you to narrow your search and find a suitable match. Research what specific dental treatment the dentist focuses on and note what experience and qualifications they have in this particular area. You can also ask for more information and references. If for example you are potentially interested in dental implants then you can enquire as to the number of dental implants they have performed, what experience and qualifications they have attained, and you can ask for patient references too.

Did you know that SDAI are leaders in dental implants in Australia and are one of the few practices to offer completely metal- free dental implants? They are also one of a few dental surgeries to be awarded ‘Leading Implant Centres of the World’.


Location is everything and the same goes for your dentist. If you are working in the city then it makes sense to choose a dentist that is close by. SDAI is located in the heart of the city in Martin Place with a highly qualified sedationist offering sleep dentistry, operating within the practice for easier accessibility.

Latest in innovation, technology and technique

Like anything these days, you want your dentist to be up to date with their finger on the pulse and utilising the latest and most advanced technology, equipment and techniques. SDAI prides themselves on being at the forefront of dental innovation and offer unique services including All-On-4TM, zirconia metal free implants, ozone therapy treatment, PRP and sleep dentistry.


Your relationship with your dentist is very important and you want it to be with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with for the long term. Caring for your smile is integral to your health and wellness which is why choosing the right dentist for you is essential.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly team at SDAI on 9233 3301 or email We are here to help and are happy to give you all the information you need to help make the right choice for the future of your oral health.