Zirconia implants at the cutting edge of dental technology

zirconia implants

No matter which industry you’re in, it’s always good practice to keep up with the latest trends, innovations, and technologies.

The dental industry is no different, with constant advancements and discoveries being made all the time.

Our practice is on the cutting edge of dental technology, and our professional staff are constantly upskilled with the latest practices and methods.

The following article was published recently in the Sydney Morning Herald, interviewing Dean about the practice, the role of modern dentists, and the recent advancements in zirconia implants.

Sydney Morning Herald Article

At a Sydney surgery, missing or lost teeth can be replaced with an all-ceramic, non-metal alternative to titanium.

You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep – or so the old saying goes.

Fortunately for those with missing, rotten or damaged teeth, advances in dentistry have ushered in technology that equips dentists with the ability to treat patients in a fast and more holistic manner.

‘‘It used to be that people didn’t have much choice when it came to replacing teeth lost through trauma or decay,’’ says Dr Dean Licenblat, principal dental surgeon at Sydney Dental Aesthetics and Implants.

‘Apart from dentures, having a bridge built to replace teeth meant patients had to have healthy teeth cut down to make room.

‘‘Not so long ago, implant dentistry required a hospital visit to undergo day surgery with a specialist. With advances in technology and technique, we are performing advanced implant surgery in 20 minutes in the dental surgery,’’ he says.

Implant dentistry involves placing either a titanium or ceramic screw in a predetermined site in the jaw bone to create an anchor so as to mimic a tooth’s natural root. Once the site heals and integrates, an artificial tooth is screwed into the implant to create a natural-looking, chewable surface for the patient.

Restoring form and function, the procedure does not interfere with neighbouring teeth and blends with a patient’s natural teeth, Dr Licenblat says.

One of few dental practitioners in Australia offering zirconia implants, an all-ceramic, non-metal alternative to the more commonly used titanium implant, Dr Licenblat is a leader in this field, having undertaken a master’s degree at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany.

‘‘Zirconia implants are at the cutting edge of modern dental implantology. A patient who has a metal allergy or opts for a completely metal-free solution can replace missing or lost teeth without trauma to adjacent teeth,’’ says Dr Licenblat, who undertakes implant surgery on a weekly basis and teaches the technique to dentists all around the world.

‘‘While titanium implants remain the most commonly used implants, zirconia implants’ benefits make them more appealing because they are biocompatible, resist corrosion, have a low plaque affinity and do not cause greying of the gums,’’ he says.

Dr Licenblat undertakes implant dentistry at his practice in Sydney’s Martin Place. Implants are performed in sterile conditions under twilight sedation.

‘‘Implants are designed and intended to have an indefinite lifespan,’’ he says.

‘‘We recently saw a 15-year-old boy who lost a tooth through the trauma of a bike accident. As soon as he comes of age, we will place an implant for him and, like most of our clients, he will soon forget he even has a dental implant.

Dentistry and implant dentistry will continue to evolve and change over the years and as dentists, it is our responsibility to keep learning and expanding our techniques and procedures. The care of our patients always comes first.”

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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