Sydney Dental Implants – Q+A with Dr. Dean Licenblat

sydney dental implants

The dental industry is continually evolving when it comes to technology, particularly in the area of dental implants. New solutions are forever being discovered and learnt by dentists, our very own Dr. Dean Licenblat is one dentist who strongly believes he has a responsibility to consistently keep learning new global techniques and further educate himself in the world of dentistry.

Dr. Dean Licenblat himself has completed his training and qualifications all over the world and is a trusted mentor and teacher to other dentists globally. Additionally, he is our practice principal at SDAI and has been acknowledged for his expertise, receiving the award for ‘Leading Implant Centre of the World’, Dr. Dean is most definitely paving the road for dental innovation in Australia. He is also a leading pioneer in the area of metal free zirconia implants.

We recently caught up with Dr. Dean Licenblat to gain his personal insight into the world of dental implants in Sydney, Australia.

How popular are dental implants in Australia? Why are more people choosing dental implants?

Dental implants have become increasingly popular as patients are becoming more well-read/informed and realise that implants are mutually exclusive elements and do not require the cutting down of the adjacent teeth to support a bridge. Implants have also been in text, literature and have been thoroughly investigated with a huge amount of R&D invested annually.

How has technology and equipment assisted in delivering better dental implant options?

With the advent of computer programs and guided systems, dental implants and the preparation thereof has become significantly more accurate.

What training and experience does a dentist need to perform dental implantology?

Dentists will often start with a short course on dental implants to see if they like it and may do a few courses thereafter but education especially in this field is basically endless.

What questions should a patient ask their dentist to determine if they are the best dentist to perform their dental implant treatment?

How long has the practitioner been doing implants, what education have they completed? How many have they done? What brand is being used?

How much do implants cost?

Fully restored implants cost on average between $5500 & $7250 depending on what material/s and which brand the patient is after, grafting costs may be an additional fee.

How do you determine which type of implant best suits your patient?

First and foremost, I ask the patient what is important to them or do they have a preference. Then I evaluate the site, the available bone, what implant will serve best in the long term and give the best longevity as well as provide the outcome we desire.

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How long does the process take to get new dental implants?

It largely depends on the quantity and quality of the bone, but it can be as little as 8 weeks to as long as 6 months.

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Why is All On 4 generating a lot of interest right now?

Many patients are becoming aware of this and are wanting a new set teeth after years of pain, discomfort, and the inability to eat/smile pain free or with confidence.

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What material and equipment do you use at SDAI to ensure optimal patient outcomes?

Computer generated CADCAM surgical planning & surgical guides, 3D CBCT Xray to locate all nerves, blood vessels and other anatomical features for ultimate safety.

Are you still lecturing and mentoring dentists in Australia and abroad?

Yes, I was extremely active prior to COVID, travelling overseas every 6 weeks and in addition to giving courses domestically. During COVID, this slowed a bit, but people still wanted to learn so we had to move to an online platform.

Dr Dean interviews dentists from around the world on his Instagram- The dean’s office

How are you keeping up to date and abreast with the latest changes in dental implants to ensure SDAI is at the forefront?

I actually participate in continuing education either teaching students or learning myself every single week without fail (even when on holiday). This is my passion and I love to be right on the tip of innovation and deliver the very best for my patients.

Is COVID-19 impacting on dental implant treatment?

Despite the initial close down to protect our patients which delayed treatment for many people, there has been no other impact on dental implants.

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